About me

I am a wife, a mother of 2 wonderful girls, and a nurse. Started out sort of easy, with kindergarten and then elementary school, but you know how it goes with life; little by little your responsibilities increase and you get busy trying to balance and juggle them and in a rare free moment you realize you’ve got the life of an adult in full swing.  I enjoy writing. I can’t say I’m all that good at it but I do want a place to jot down my thoughts without having to write a novella ;). So here is my attempt to indulge in some small bit of writing, which is all that I would likely have the time and aptitude for. Along the way, I hope to learn more about myself and have a  venue for my musings.  As much as it is thrapeutic, writing I find is also truly revealing of our real selves.

Here’s to that journey and to our mortal lives on earth!

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