Reflections- at year’s end


The last day of the year is here

Tomorrow, today will be yesterday

here today, gone tomorrow, a few smiles, a few sorrows

then there is the year ahead, promising, beckoning

You step into it and realize, it’s just like the one behind

there isn’t much difference; a day is a day whether today or yesterday

It’s up to us to make it stay

Do something good, to make it stay

Do something with love, big or small

Smile at someone, lay a reassuring hand on a shoulder

Give of yourself without expectation

Exercise kindness and compassion

Give your heart with every smile

Hold the others’ heart in delight

Allow yourself to be kind

Let ill will pass, don’t hang on

For it’s poison to you, if you do

And a potion if you let it go

let today not be a regret, for it will tomorrow be yesterday

let today be lived with joy, in every moment, every breath

then you’ll remember it tomorrow, with a smile upon your face

and a warm glow in your heart

It’s up to you to make it stay.


31 Dec 2021